In pursuit of life, liberty, gang-bangers,
gangstas & soul-taking demonic jerks
 to make our streets safe again...

This is a story
like no other,
its old school
about the
BIG Brother!

African American superhero fights crime and evil demons using powers granted by ancient Egyptian deity Horus.

YO MoFro, the Big Brother Black Super Hero out to do good in your neigborhood while trying to save his eternal soul.

Terrance is just like any other African American pre teen who is physically challenged with one arm, wears braces, has trouble making friends and wears bifocal glasses. What is different is Terrance gains the power to become the enbodiment of an ancient Egyptian Warrior taking the form of a 7 foot tall super afro, shack sized kicks, bling artifact wearing superhero of today's neighborhood. The ancient powers are granted by Horus to give Terrance a chance to do good in the 'hood or loose his soul forever.Welcome to the world of Yo Mo'Fro (yo-mo-fro), The Big Brother.

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The Big Brother

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   Created, Written and Art by 

Frank A. Jones Jr.

         Exclusive Copyright Frank A. Jones Jr. 2009

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